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  • Change in the conditions for obtaining a gold visa for real estate investors in Greece.

    #greece #real_estate_greece #greece_realestate #economic_greece #news_greece #golden_visa In 2013, Greece opened its doors to outside investors by granting a golden visa to those who purchased a detached property for the sum of 250,000 euros. Yes, it is a relatively low amount in which at that time it was possible to purchase a private house on a private beach with a huge private area. Today, of course, the situation is a little different and the prices, almost 10 years after the start of the gold visa transformation, look much more "western". This visa matter attracted to Greece a great many investors from outside the European bloc who in fact both invested in yielding real estate with a significant return horizon and also allowed them to stay in Greece and Europe for a long period of time without restriction. Today, with the exit of the Greek economy from the crisis and the removal of the supervision of the European Commonwealth of Nations, Greece takes a new position and changes the rules of the game. As of December 2023, the Greek government decided to raise the threshold for obtaining a gold visa from 250,000 euros to 500,000 euros. The change that may bring with it the investment threshold for obtaining a gold visa will be reflected mainly in the type of investors who will enter Real Estate investments in Greece on the one hand and on the other hand, the Greek government hopes that by raising the threshold more citizens will be able to afford a purchase at reasonable and attainable prices. The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who officially announced the change on September 10, 2022, has not yet announced when the change will take effect, but the estimates speak of the end of December 2022. Following the announcement, quite a few questions arise, the first and most important of which is: If I have a gold visa for a previous investment, will it be possible to renew it or will it expire at the end of the five-year period? The second one is no less important and significant than it: If I purchased a property these days for an amount exceeding 250,000 euros, which currently entitles me to a gold visa, but the contract will be signed and terminated after the policy change, will I be entitled to receive a gold visa or did I miss it? There are other important questions about which there is still a fog that will slowly clear up. What questions do you have regarding a gold visa in Greece? Write your question in the comments and we will compile everything for another post later, which will shed more light on the expected changes following Mitsotakis' statement. We will continue to follow and update.

  • Kourabies cookies - Greek recipe for Rosh Hashanah:

    #מתכון #קוראבייס #עוגיות #אוכל_יווני #מתוק #שרה_כהן Dana R. Shavit - My Greek grandmother recipe In honor of Rosh Hashanah and in honor of my 93-year-old Greek grandmother god bless her, this year I chose to introduce you to a special Rosh Hashana recipe from the secrets of my grandmother's kitchen. Sharina Sara (Sonia) Cohen, was born in Volos in 1929, the center of the Hellenic mainland. A city lies between Athens in the south and Thessaloniki in the north, at the foot of the mountainous Pilion peninsula, the daughter of Ilias Cohen, originally from Ioannina, a Romani Greek, and Dudu Cohen from Volos, Greek of distant Spanish origin. Sara, who received the nickname Sonia during World War II, immigrated to Israel illegally, as part of the youth immigration. During the war she served as a messenger girl delivering messages between the partisan posts in the Pilion Mountains. After immigrating to Israel and being sent to Kibbutz Tel Hai, one day she received a letter from her aunt. The letter was given to her by a young Greek man from Tel Aviv, who immediately fell in love with the beautiful maiden and realized that it was from that moment until the end of their days. And this man is my grandfather, may peace be upon him Sachia Isaiah (Sharlo) Cohen, who was born in Serres in the region of Macedonia in northern Greece, the son of Avraham Cohen from Kavala and Strea (Kochva) of Serres, both Greeks who came generations back from Spain. The young couple settled in the Shapira neighborhood in south Tel Aviv and then in Jaffa in the 1950s, back at the days these areas where the Greek community flourished. The houses were open and the atmosphere was warm and thus, the recipes were passed from kitchen to another, there my grandmother learned to make Kourabies cookies from Mrs. Anna Amir, which is being made up until today with the same piety and according to the same recipe of my grandmother by here lawful Filipino assistant Irene. And believe me, my grandmother, to this day on guard, which will be exactly as always. So, there is the written Torah and there is the oral Torah as in every recipe, I bring you here a combination of the written and the oral and the knowledge that it is... wow delicious and I am already waiting for Rosh Hashanah to bless the Kourabies. And if you've whetted your appetite by this point, feel free to continue to the full recipe ingredients Daough 400 grams of butter (originally 200 grams of butter and 200 grams of butter) 1 cup chopped nuts 6 tablespoons of powdered sugar (originally fine sugar) 2 spoons of cognac (not a must) 2-3 vanilla sugar 2 cups plain flour 1 cup of self-rising flour (Osem) Oral Tradition Lemon zest from one lemon Lemon juice to taste You can replace walnuts with almonds, you can mix both For coating powdered sugar (a lot) Preparation Heat the oven to 170 degrees Mix all ingredients together dough is preformed Roll out the dough on a buttered surface to a height of about 1 centimeter and cut out circles with an inverted glass. From the circles, cut another piece in half of the circle so that a crescent shape is obtained. Place in a pan lined with baking paper and place in the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool In the meantime, until the tray cools down a bit prepare another pan😊 Take the pan out of the fridge and put it in the oven to bake for about 15-20 minutes, until the cookies get a delicate golden hue. Remove from the oven and place the Kourabies aside with the pan to cool. *It is important not to try to pick up the cookies when they are hot, they will fall apart. Sprinkle powdered sugar on the cold cookies ... and a lot!! Served as a blessing for a good and sweet New Year at the holiday table and on Yom Kippur after returning from the synagogue. Enjoy! Here we are 4 generations. Grandma, mom, me, my daughter. And here is the original recipe, in the handwriting of my grandmother Sara Sarina (Sonia) Cohen. Have a happy and sweet new year everyone Dana R. Shavit

  • "Customers want unique experiences like river and mountain trips"

    By: sofie Shulman as published on 1/6/22 in calalist (link to so source at the end) This was said by Sofia Zarki, Deputy Greek Minister of Tourism, at the Future Tourism Panel held as part of the Calcalist Israel-Greece Conference in collaboration with Aroundtown and Brown Hotels. The panel also included Maharis Taucharis, Greek MP and former Minister of Tourism, Maria Taupenopol, CEO of GREEK TRAVEL PAGES, and Gregoris Tessius, President of the Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers in Greece The Future of Tourism Panel held as part of the Calcalist Israel-Greece Conference in collaboration with Aroundtown and Brown Hotels, chaired by Kobi Bitton of the Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce, was devoted to innovation in Greece Of "back belly" for other types of tourism with higher added value. Participating in the panel were: Sofia Zakarki, Greek Deputy Minister of Tourism, Maharis Tauchris, Greek Member of Parliament and former Minister of Tourism, Maria Taupenopol, CEO of GREEK TRAVEL PAGES, and Gregoris Tessius, President of the Hellenic Hotel Association of Greece. "At the heart of our effort - diversity, quality, sustainability. Customers want unique experiences not only the sun and the sea, the two things that are not lacking for both Israel and Greece, but also other activities - streams, mountains and Israelis were the first to discover this part of Greece," said Sofia Zachary, Deputy Greek Tourism Minister, "My grandfather had a hotel outside the classic tourist areas and there were always a lot of Israelis. Now we want to develop diving, mountaineering, wine and culinary tourism and all kinds of experiences. Huge sums will be allocated to improve infrastructure in the alternative experiences. We see this as our tourism strategy for the next decade. Another strategic issue for us is education in the tourism industry. What we saw in 2020 is that beyond the billions we lost in the industry, we also lost a lot of jobs. It is important for us to bring young people back to the field of tourism and this is a significant part of the discussion in the World Tourism Organization as well, building incentives to work in the field and also building more stable frameworks. The EU is helping us renew curricula and investing in tourism schools and we have more than ten of them. The plan is for 20,000 unemployed young people to receive new skills, including digital, which is very much needed today. " Calcalist Conference in Greece Right Grigoris Thassius Maria Theopnopolo Harry Theoharis Sofia Zakraki and Kobi Bitton (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky) Subsequently, the discussion shifted to the issue of the sustainability of the tourism industry when Bitton asked Harris Taucharis, a Greek MP and former Minister of Tourism, to explain the implications of the connection between tourism and sustainability. You attract a lot of tourists but in some places there are already voices that it changes local life too much "This is a real issue and it happens all over the world, there are places that no longer want tourists, there are places that forbid the construction of new hotels. We all know the struggle of Barcelona And AIRBNB.In Greece there is no such movement that opposes tourism, we have issues of infrastructure, the flow of tourists, but we have not yet reached the point where the local population expresses opposition to tourists, but that does not mean we are not close and there are no management challenges in the field.When it comes to sustainability, it's the name of the game today in tourism, everyone is talking about it, it started even before the plague. The focus has changed slightly, but the idea is still long-term relationships with investors in Greece. Environmentally conscious tourism is not a simple issue, but it can be tackled. "I am working with the Saudi Minister of Tourism to establish an international council in the field - we are looking at the numbers and there are a lot of efforts in the field." Bitton: Regarding the digital transformation, how does the industry integrate the technological developments?"In 2030 we will experience what will be invented in 2025 which means we do not yet know what exactly will happen," Taupenopolo said. Small that have not undergone the digital transformation.This is a major industry in Greece that accounts for more than 20% of GDP.We are seeing accelerated and forced digitization in the industry since the Corona because it was simply no longer possible to reach the customer in the old analog form. Recent research shows that we are still in the early stages of the transformation, there are many small hotels that do not have their own website and they completely trust We need to look for the smart organizations - provide them with open information and the government needs to provide us with the fathers where it will be possible to look for information and tourist habits. We need to develop digital skills, educate business owners, produce smart targets that will also monitor pollutant emissions and energy consumption. "When it comes to 5G networks - the government will cover 90% of the area in the advanced networks and this will also advance the process." Bitton: The plan you describe will require you to develop technologies and open up to the travel tech industry and start-ups - here, of course, Israel can play a significant role. Maria: "We already have a local industry of tourism start-ups and innovation initiatives that I personally coordinate. There is also a vibrant fintech community and we are trying to develop future payment methods. Angels, we have more options and we will be happy to see the cooperation between the Greek ecosystem and the Israeli one. " Bitton: Gregoris, how do you adapt to the needs of new and young tourists? There have been no significant changes in the number of rooms and hotels in Greece in recent years. "Greece offers a modern hotel service, but we are attentive to world trends and we are always happy to see innovation in the field." Read the source article

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