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What we do: Join us: Israel Greece Chamber of Commerce



The Israel Greece Chamber of Commerce provides a range of services to its Members and to the general public that can make your access to the Greek market faster, smoother and more efficient. We invite you to get in touch with us and discuss the ways that the IGCCI can help you with your business endeavors in Greece.


Forum Ecosystem - People meeting at conference

Specific Business Field Oriented Groups

Depending on the business field that you are interested in, most likely there is a "forum" that you can find like-minded people within the Israel Greece Chamber of Commerce. The IGCCI "forums" are special interest groups that focus on particular areas of businesses (Real Estate, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity, Green Energy, Agritech, Smart Cities etc) and their members share their experiences and expertise with each other. In addition, they publish their own newsletter, organize events and business delegation trips always under the IGCCI umbrella.

  • A unique ecosystem between different sectors of the Israeli hi-tech industry, its associates and companies.

  • Entrepreneurship that produces business opportunities and R&D, and also promotes mutual interests that build an optimal social and business infrastructure.

  • Greater knowledge among young Greek entrepreneurs and their associates about Israel and the startup nation experience.

  • Added values to the traditional activities of the bi-national Chamber of Commerce.

The IGCCI "Forum" Ecosystem


Networking Event

The right contacts can take your business to the next level.

The IGCCI offers ample opportunities for networking to its Members through:

  • Organizing various get together events(roundtable events, business brunches, holiday toast events etc)

  • Establish and maintain a dialogue with government ministries, diplomatic missions and economic organizations.

  • Guide the Chamber’s members through the business and cultural ecosystem.

  • Offer Israeli companies lectures and seminars on professional topics.

  • Assist exporters to obtain information about taxation, certificates of origin, regulation and compliance tests.

  • Hold annual events that mark milestones in the professional activities of the Chamber and its members.

  • Organize social events that create networking opportunities between colleagues and with the business community in Greece.

  • Initiate and promote meetings and forums between youth and young entrepreneurs in both countries, enabling them to become acquainted and create a technological and social dialogue.

Networking Opportunities


Business Meeting

The chamber offers support to businesses in various ways:

Connecting Businesses

Conneting Business.png

The Chamber’s main objective is to promote cooperation between businesses in Israel and Greece by providing information and tools that can be used to evaluate business opportunities. This section is intended for Israeli and Greek companies that are looking for suppliers, importers, distributors, services, technologies, business partners and R & D. 

Market research

market research.png

The Chamber helps interested members coordinate and conduct market surveys designed to examine the business feasibility of products, services, exports, imports, real estate, logistics, etc. in the Greek market, enabling them to obtain a reliable and up-to-date picture of the Greek market. This service is available upon request. In order to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with us.

Business Development and Mentoring


The IGCCI people have extensive experience and knowledge of both the Greek and Israeli ecosystem. Save time and money by making the Chamber your partner in the process of establishing yourself in the Greek or Israeli market. For pricing, please get in touch with us.

Organizing tailor made B2B events and roundtable discussions


Make your business visit in Greece or in Israel impactful and to the point. From B2B events of all sizes to roundtable events and presentations, the IGCCI can organize an event that will suit your business requirements and budget. For pricing, please get in touch with us.



The IGCCI has both in-house and external partners that translate documents for any use between Greek and Hebrew. For your project and pricing, get in touch with us

IGCCI Services


Knesset Interior

Offering services to help support a variety of cross cultural government and business delegations.

The Chamber helps members form business and social ties in Greece, initiates and organizes delegations that promote trade and tourism, and establishes and maintains a dialogue with government ministries, diplomatic missions and economic organizations.

Commercial delegations, seminars & conferences
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