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The annual general meeting was held on 11.5.22 at the Leon Recanati Center for the Salonika Heritage

This is the first time that the annual meeting of the Leon Recanati Center for the Heritage of Thessaloniki and Greece (1890-1945) is held, which is an experiential, homely and inspiring space, which is home to the Greek Jewish community, and to anyone seeking a moment back in time.

The center presents the lives of the Thessaloniki Jewish community, about the people, the stories, the lifestyle, the culinary world, Ladino culture, music and religion, and opens a door to a pleasant acquaintance with a world full of joy of life, and a forgotten piece of history.

Therefore we could not find a more appropriate place to hold the annual meeting.

The meeting reviewed the activities of the bureau in the past year, the activities of the bureau expected in the coming year, milestones in the past year, difficulties and barriers that we encounter on a daily basis.

The delegation that went to Thessaloniki this year, the Calcalist conference planned for May this year, real estate acquisitions in Greece, tourism, business connections and various directions for business development. Future plans for bureau activities.

Guests of honor at the meeting

Mr. Kyriakos Lukakis - Greek Ambassador to Israel

Mr. Marian Cohen - President of the umbrella organization of the binational chambers of commerce in Israel, Chairman of the Association of High-Tech Companies, President of the Mer Group

Mr. Shimon Benita - CPA and accounting firm that accompanies the association's activities

Financial and verbal reporting and voting to approve the association's annual reports, reported Audit Committee.

Mrs. Ayelet Nachmias Varbin - Israeli lawyer and politician chairman of the Israel Export Institute.

Additional speakers

Mr. Kobi Bitton CEO - Overview of the Bureau's activities

Adv. Avraham Lalum AVRAHAM LALUM & CO PhD student, Law Firm, International Firm Avraham Lalum and Deputy Head of the Israel Bar Association - Overseas Acquisition

Mr. Shimon Benita CPA of the Association and the Lending Office - Expenses, Income and Financial Status of the Bureau

Mrs. Dana Romano Shavit Member of the Bureau - Hospitality experiences and retreats in Greece

Officials in the Assembly

Elected Chairman of the Assembly - Mr. Amos Shapira

Secretary of the meeting - Adv. Tomer Isak


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