Areas of Activity

We open diverse and dynamic directions that facilitate your progress by creating trade and advertising contacts. We also promote business opportunities, projects and trade shows, in addition to organizing professional conferences and seminars on topics pertinent to Israel-Greece relations.

What do we do

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Encourage and assist Israeli and Greek companies to promote business opportunities between the two countries

  • Help form business and social ties in Greece.
  • Initiate and organize delegations that promote business and tourism.
  • Establish and maintain a dialogue with government ministries, diplomatic missions and economic organizations.
  • Guide the Chamber’s members through the business and cultural ecosystem.
  • Offer Israeli companies lectures and seminars on professional topics.
  • Assist exporters to obtain information about taxation, certificates of origin, regulation and compliance tests.
  • Hold annual events that mark milestones in the professional activities of the Chamber and its members.
  • Organize social events that create networking opportunities between colleagues and with the business community in Greece.
  • Initiate and promote meetings and forums between youth and young entrepreneurs in both countries, enabling them to become acquainted and create a technological and social dialogue.

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Ecosystem Forum

A new initiative that aims to create a Greek-Israeli ecosystem through the Young Entrepreneurs Forum and with support from the Chamber.

According to the Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce, the ecosystem is the Chamber’s connection with the forces that are active in and impact the Israeli hi-tech scene and its Greek counterpart.

The Chamber’s management and members encourage young Israeli entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs of startup companies to create and cultivate:

  • A unique ecosystem between different sectors of the Israeli hi-tech industry and its associates and comparable companies in Greece.
  • Entrepreneurship that produces business opportunities and R&D, and also promotes mutual interests that build an optimal social and business infrastructure.
  • Greater knowledge among young Greek entrepreneurs and their associates about Israel and the startup nation experience.
  • Added values to the traditional activities of the bi-national Chamber of Commerce.

Support and Assistance in a Variety of Areas:

Business opportunities

The Chamber’s main objective is to promote cooperation between businesses in Israel and Greece by providing information and tools that can be used to evaluate business opportunities. This section is intended for Israeli and Greek companies that are looking for suppliers, importers, distributors, services, technologies, business partners and R & D.

Market research

The Chamber helps interested members coordinate and conduct market surveys designed to examine the business feasibility of products, services, exports, imports, real estate, logistics, etc. in the Greek market, enabling them to obtain a reliable and up-to-date picture of the Greek market.

Entrepreneurship, startups, creating a shared ecosystem

The Chamber’s management and its members encourage the involvement of young entrepreneurs and startups from the Israeli entrepreneurial community in order to create added value to the Chamber’s activities. A joint Israel-Greece forum will be established under the professional auspices of the Chamber, offering opportunities to enhance new professional ideas and initiatives.

Commercial delegations, seminars and professional conferences

The Chamber organizes trade and commercial delegations from Israel to meetings and trade shows held in Greece, and organizes and hosts trade and commercial delegations from Greece who come to meetings and trade shows held in Israel.


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Manage your Business Trip

We will organize your trip to Israel or to Greece by setting B2B meetings and by accompanying you or your representative in the meetings. Upon request, we can also arrange for your accomodation, transportation and any other possible requirement for the purposes of your visit.