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For the first time - a weekend of gymnastics in Greece

Member of the Board of Directors of the Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce, Dana R. Shavit initiated and produced for the first time a weekend of water gymnastics in Greece.

The event was held at the EVER EDEN resort in the Saronida area which is in Ethics, south of Athens.

Dana wears two main hats on her head. One, designing hospitality experiences, hosts and owns a number of STR apartments (short-term rentals) in Israel and Greece. The second, an aquafit / gymnastics and water aerobics instructor and a water rehabilitation instructor, owns the Aquafit Israel Ce

nter located in the Israel, Ha'Sharon area.

From a combination of these two hats, an initiative was created to arrange for a unique experience that combines water gymnastics, with Greece and Greek culture, collaborations between Israeli and Greek parties.

Over the weekend participants were exposed to Greek culture at the local level as the locals live alongside the enjoyment of tourist service at the highest level in one of the most beautiful spots on the Greek Riviera.

This event is an opening event for more of it's kind where the goal is to bring tourism that loves water gymnastics, get to know Greece from an unconventional point of view, trips to sites which are out of the obvious while being exposed to local culture and bringing hearts together between peoples.

"The goal was to bring people to a slightly different encounter with Greece and its culture. Exposure to places, sites and foods that are not part of the standard tourist sites, created a unique experience that left a taste of more," Dana R. Shavit.


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