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Greeks reduce spending on food and vacations

A large portion of Greek households are cutting back on spending on clothing, appliances, energy and even food, while summer vacations are also under the sword of cuts.

Despite the fact that many Greeks did not go on vacation in 2020-2021 due to the epidemic, this year further cuts in summer vacation plans are expected to be quite realistic as their disposable income is not enough to cover the highest cost of travel and accommodation.

The category of expenditure that worries 57% of respondents in the latest survey is energy (electricity, fuel, heating), while for 30% it is food - not by chance, as prices are rising all the time, which has a much greater impact on economically vulnerable households.

A summer vacation will be a summer night dream for one in four Greek citizens; 36% will move to a few days about the same as last year, while 29% will take fewer vacations this year. Only 4% will have a longer vacation, as they did not have in 2020 and 2021.


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