All the right reasons

Our members enjoy a vast range of benefits, support, and opportunities with concrete returns on their profitability and global reach. Concretely, we provide all our associates with:

*Two lists of contacts per year, according to their specific interests in the Greek or Israeli market;

*Dedicated prices for all our services;

*Invitation to all the events hosted by the Chamber;

*Promotion of their activities through all our channels, including our newsletter;

*Dedicated prices at our partner hotels, both in Greece and Israel.

 Please note that eligible members should be holders of israeli citizenship or companies with a legal entity in Israel !

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The Chamber is here for you!

Our mission is to connect registered Chamber members with one another and with professionals in the Greek business network in order to expand their commercial and career opportunities.

How to join us:

Two simple steps and you’re on your way to becoming a Chamber member:

    1. Download the registration form by clicking on the blue button, print it out and complete the required information.
    2. Send us the form:

    Via email:

    By regular mail:
    Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce,
    PO Box 839, Corazin, Givatayim 5358300

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